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What works best for you? Are you looking to join or create a training class but need more info? Are you seeking a partner for your Brand to assist with the marketing and promotions? Are you a Model or Author seeking representation? Perhaps you're a rep for FES, Auto Sales, or a Telemarketing firm? More than likely we can help or point you in the right direction to get the best help possible.

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Exclusive Consultation packages

These are our most requested packages for the Coaches in our Network. Be sure to ask about our Trademark, Management, or Publishing packages.

Text Consult


Ask Questions and receive answers via Text/SMS. Comparable to twenty minutes of talk time.




10-minute pick Your Brain session. Typically via web Conference, WhatsApp, Skype.



20-minute Discover Call. You will be provided with a Questionnaire to assist you with planning for the call. This Q&A worksheet helps you maintain control/staying on topic before the call ends. typically by Screen share, Skype, or Telephone.

Express plus


Half-Day In-Office Session. During this day we will plan, create, and begin the fundamentals to execute your venture. Prepare to complete all State and Federal requirements along with your pitch book. 
(A full meal (Lunch/Dinner) is included).

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